Allow me to introduce the person behind the lens.  I am a full time mother and wife running a photography and crafting  business.  Basically, like so many of you reading this, I'm burning candles at both ends, and loving every minute!  I am a lifestyle photographer,  approaching with clean lines, natural light and soft settings.  My goal in every session is to capture true life moments, unstaged and unplanned.  These are the images one wants to remember when looking back upon life.  

I remember looking into the face of my tiny baby, merely seconds old thinking  how I wanted to freeze that moment in time.  Everything within me shifted.  I was no longer the center of my being, he was.  The artist within me who had always dreamed of being behind a camera full time, had been challenged in the first moments of motherhood.  Challenged to follow her dream and passion.  This is where Julia Strong Photography was born.  Born, due to the birth of a child.

I would love to capture those moments for you also, and would be honored to be your photographer.



Marshfield, MO